Our engagement for more sustainability


Sustainability is a topic we can’t ignore – and that’s a good thing, because it’s important. No matter how you look at it, living sustainably brings benefits for nature, for us, and for our community.


Natural sustainability

Regional products, waste separation, and water conservation have been a norm in South Tyrol and many other parts of the world for years. However, our efforts don’t stop there. We aim to contribute to the well-being of our environment – and we appreciate your support in this endeavor.

We love our garden. It is a place of diversity, where plants thrive and birds find their haven – a unique habitat that must be preserved.

Moreover, we are strong advocates of public transportation. Every 30 minutes, a shuttle departs from right outside our door to the village. Park your car in our spacious underground garage equipped with EV charging stations, hop on the bus, and enjoy the scenic ride.

Photos: IDM South Tyrol/ STA, Manuela Tessaro

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Regional sustainability

We know our immediate surroundings have a lot to offer and explore, and we don't want you to miss out on any of it. That's why we warmly encourage you to thoroughly explore the area around Nutzhof and Lagundo. By doing so, you will support the local economy and discover an incredibly diverse and fascinating cultural landscape.

Fine restaurants and quaint beer gardens, rustic alpine huts and fun mini-golf courses, majestic castles and intriguing museums, stylish hair salons, and specialized massage parlors – you'll find it all here. Additionally, the climate and air quality in Lagundo have been proven to positively impact your health – so be sure to experience every square inch of our community.

Photos: Lagundo Tourist Association/Frider Blickle, Cinemepic; IDM South Tyrol/Frider Blickle

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Personal sustainability

People are our greatest asset, including those who honor us with their presence year after year, or even just once, as well as those who work here and ensure that you have everything you need during your stay.

Our concept is built on familial togetherness, which we nurture both within our team and with our guests. That's how we've managed to attract many guests who return year after year, sometimes even across generations, to spend their most important time of the year with us. And it's also how we ensure that our core team stays together season after season, with everyone enjoying coming to work.

Your family holiday in family atmosphere